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'Braided Light'





~*~ Saturday, 1st March, 2014: Added Brothers, Something Back and Band of Gold to the Balar story arc, and The Talisman and Water's Edge to General Fiction.

~*~ Wednesday, 1st January, 2014: Added The Boys of Summer, a story written for Sultry in September. G

~*~ Tuesday, 10th October, 2013: Added Behind the Lute Case, a story in the M Files universe, and a LOTR community challenge fic, The Other

~*~ Thursday, 30th May, 2013: Added Kismet, a B2ME ficlet featuring Orodreth and Galadriel, and my Slashy Valentine 2013 story, Another Future, for Mawgy. 

~*~ Wednesday, 9th January, 2013: Added Waiting for the Ferry, a ficlet from the EQtDoubt universe and my birthday present to Red Lasbelin.

~*~ Monday, 7th January, 2013: Added The Tapestry and After The Darkness to the Balar arc, and A Secret Gate and Harbinger to General Fiction.

~*~ Monday, 21st May, 2012: Reorganized the Multi-story Arc page and gave Even Quicker than Doubt its own page. Also added B2Me Month challenge fics, the page currently has five ficlets and more will be added when available.

~*~ Thursday, 22nd March, 2012: Multiple stories this time! A new story, Secret Garden, was added, along with The Night the Sea Came In, Homeward Bound, and East of the Sea.

~*~ Tuesday, 11th October, 2011: The epilogue for The Heirloom has been posted.

~*~ Sunday, 25th September, 2011: The Heirloom has been updated with parts 9 and 10.

~*~ Wednesday, 14th September, 2011: The Heirloom, a new story in the Dreams Arc, is up with 8 out of 11 parts. There is a new fic, Sleep When You're Dead, is up as well for Red Lasbelin's birthday. It's part of Time's Passages universe.

~*~ Sunday, 12th June, 2011: A new story, Life After, is up, along with a new ficlet series, B2ME 2011, a Silmarillion Writers Guild challenge.

~*~ Friday, 6th May, 2011: Part 12 of Burning Bright is up. This is the final part of Book One. Book Two will be coming later this year!

~*~ Wednesday, 23rd March, 2011: Part 11 of Burning Bright is up.

~*~ Friday, 21st January, 2011: Part 10 of Burning Bright is up, along with a new addition to the Balar arc, Season of Hope.

~*~ Tuesday, 23rd November, 2010: Part 9 of Burning Bright is up.

~*~ Sunday, 31st October, 2010: Part 7 and 8 of Burning Bright are up along with a new standalone, The Well.

~*~ Tuesday, 24th August, 2010: Part 6 of Burning Bright is up.

~*~ Tuesday, 22nd June, 2010: Part 5 of Burning Bright is up.

~*~ Tuesday, 1st June, 2010: Part 3 and 4 of Burning Bright are up, as well as a new ficlet: A Time to Sail. Turn Down an Empty Glass and Day of the Dragon were also edited.

~*~ Tuesday, 27st April, 2010: New part of Burning Bright is up! 

~*~ Wednesday, 21st April, 2010: New multi-part story, Burning Bright, written for NaNo 2009 and now in the process of editing and posting. 

~*~ Monday, 22nd March, 2010:  The Day of The Dragon, for 2010 Slashy Valentine, in the Dreams Arc.

~*~ Saturday, 20th February, 2010:  Gift fic for Aglarien, a sequel to Belonging, Love's Tapestry, and a piece for Chaotic Binky's slash awards, A Conspiracy of Flowers.

~*~ Thursday, 21st January, 2010:  Another long overdue update - No new stories at this time, but  lots went on. I entered and completed NaNo this November (whew!), holidays were quite crazy but rewarding, and five of my fics placed in the Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards. The banners have been loaded with the stories for your viewing pleasure on When You Smile, Hidden Within, A Little More Conversation, Song for Tomorrow & Song for Tomorrow II, and Landfall.

~*~ Friday, 20th November, 2009:  A long overdue update - Time's Passages has been updated with two new chapters, along with a prequel of sorts to Hidden Within called A Plain, Simple Love Story, and last but not least, Conversation: What the Heart Knows.

~*~ Monday, 21st September, 2009: A new series of ficlets - Pictures in Time - work in progress.

~*~ Friday, 17th July, 2009:  Time's Passages - second chapter updated.

~*~ Thursday, 2nd July, 2009: A new Modern Age Elves story, Time's Passages - work in progress.

~*~ Thursday, 11th June, 2009: Two ficlets - an Elrond/Glorfindel, Rosemary Blue and a Celebrimbor story, When You Smile.

~*~ Wednesday, 13th May, 2009: A story very near and dear to my heart - Hidden Within

~*~ Sunday, 8th February, 2009: Drabbles for Zhie's Midwinter Drabble Swap: Do You Know the Way To Pearly Bay?, Purple Takes Gold, and Tiny Bubbles is up.

~*~ Thursday, 5th February, 2009: Conversation 11 is up. Last one!  

~*~ Saturday, 31th January, 2009: Conversation 10 is up. There will be another letter to finish. Also added a new story, "A Frog's Life."

~*~ Tuesday, 25th November, 2008: Conversation 9 is up.

~*~ Wednesday, 12th November, 2008: Two new drabbles are up!

~*~ Tuesday, 28th October, 2008: Conversation 7 and 8 is up.

~*~ Wednesday, 17th September, 2008: Conversation 6 is up.

~*~ Monday, 8th September, 2008: The fiction has all be reorganized for ease of reading, as well as new drabbles uploaded.

~*~ Tuesday, 5th August, 2008: One more letter in the series, A Little More Conversation.

~*~ Tuesday, 22th July, 2008: A new story in the Doubt universe, Light the Dawn.

~*~ Thursday, 26th June, 2008: Two more letters in the series, A Little More Conversation.

~*~ Saturday, 10th May, 2008: New standalone, Star's End as well as a new WIP in the Multiple Part Fiction section - A Little More Conversation.

~*~Thursday, 28rd February, 2008: Cultural Differences, written as a dare from Red Lasbelin. 

~*~Thursday, 3rd January, 2008: Happy New Year! Two new fics. Belonging, written for the Slashy Santa swap, and Footsteps in Time, a Stocking Stuffer Swap het fic. 

~*~Monday, 15th October, 2007: Song for a New Tomorrow, is up.

~*~Friday, 12th October, 2007: New story in Standalones, Morning Glory, is up.

~*~Friday, 21st September, 2007: New story in 'Doubt' universe, Beyond Doubt: Changes, is up.

~*~Saturday, 11th August, 2007: New standalone, To Be A King, is up.

~*~Sunday, 8th July, 2007: Final two chapters of  A Place of Future Dreams, is up.

~*~Monday, 2nd July, 2007: Beyond Night's Fall is halted for the time being. First part of a new story, A Place of Future Dreams, is up.

~*~Monday, 14th May, 2007: New story in Standalones, Winter's End.

~*~Monday, 26th March, 2007: New story in Multipart Fanfiction, Beyond Night's Fall.  Story begins with a previous standalone, Where The Love Is.

~*~Wednesday, 1st November, 2006: Future Hope, a companion to Spaces in the Heart has been added along with a gift fic to Aglarien, Beginnings.

~*~Monday, 2nd October, 2006: Part 24 of Doubt and Epilogue has been added. Thank all of you who have followed me on this journey.

~*~Wednesday, 13th September, 2006:

Challenge Drabbles:

 The Portent - Glorfindel, Gil-galad, Elrond - PG

 Belonging - Elrond, Gil-galad - PG

 Song For Tomorrow - Erestor, Elrond and twins - G

 A matter of Taste - Elladan, Elrohir - G

Birthday Fic for Red Lasbelin -  For Today - Erestor/Glorfindel and twins - PG

~*~Tuesday, 15th August, 2006: Chapter 23 of Doubt is up.

~*~Tuesday, 11th July, 2006: Chapter 22 of Doubt is up, along with a new 25fluffyfics story, Where the Love is.

~*~Wednesday, 14th June, 2006: Happy Birthday Eni!!!!!

~*~Monday, 29th May, 2006: Website is finally completed!