Shared Interests

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'Shared Interests'


Shared Interests

“Why are we doing this again?”

“Because it’s nice for couples to share a hobby. Pass me a green one.”

“We already have a hobby, Res. We’re damn good at it, too.”

Amber eyes glinted. “Don’t be crude. That is not a hobby. That isn’t green, either. It’s – sort of turquoise.”

“The green doesn’t work there.”

“I like it.”

“I know. You like bright colours.”

Cool silence. “Are you implying I have bad taste?”

“No, no, Kitten. No. You just like unusual combinations.”

“Don’t call me Kitten.”

“Yes, Erestor.” A pause. “But why beading?”

“Why not? Too fiddly for you?”

Glorfindel smiled. “I like fiddling.”

“Pig,” Erestor muttered, stringing beads onto copper wire. “There’s more to life than… that.”

“You don’t like… that?”

“Oh for… yes of course I like – that. Now stop messing around and help me here.”

“Help? Oh… all right.”

“Fin, get up off the ground…What…? Stop it!!”

Clothing firmly pushed aside, head bent to lap. “Stop it? You really want me to stop… this?”

Silence. Sharp intake of breath. Fingers clawed in golden hair. “Gods… yessss.”

Indistinctly. “You like a challenge, so let’s combine hobbies. See if you can finish your bracelet before I finish this.”