Fair Payment

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'Fair Payment'


Fair Payment

Newborn hands waved impotently as grey eyes met Elrond’s in startled recognition. A soft mewling sound issued from rosebud lips, and the eyes blinked, startled.. Elrond knelt and they studied one another until the unmistakable sound of breaking wind emanated from the cradle and caused the Elf lord to rock back on his heels, grinning. Oh yes, this was going to be interesting. This would serve him right for thinking himself too good to be an elf. 

“Welcome back, Elros,” he said softly. The baby’s attempt to stick out her tongue was only half-successful, but the intent was clear. “By the time you can talk you’ll have forgotten your past, but I fear you’ll never feel quite – right – in that feminine body. Fair payment for calling me a girl when first we moved to Lindon, and mocking my liking for boys. Now you’re going to be the girliest girl imaginable. A proper elven princess, no more bullying or hanging around mortals for you.”

He smiled at Celebrķan, lying exhausted on the bed. “I have the perfect name for our little girl,” he said, smiling cheerfully down at the baby. “Something that says exactly who she will be. How about Arwen?”


Arwen - noble maiden