All Night Long - The Tormentor

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'All Night Long'


Part 2 - The Tormentor


Elrond shivered at the tone of his voice, but stayed still as bidden. To be honest, he was quite unable to move a muscle. It seemed altogether easier to allow his mind to go blank, as it was insisting on trying to do, and somehow manage to stay still under Haldir's expert touch.

Having dried the foot to his satisfaction, Haldir proceeded to give the same attention to the shapely leg up to an area somewhat around mid-thigh, at which point he retreated, turning his attention to the other foot, the other leg. Following this, as Elrond had still displayed no sign of resistance, and was standing quite still, Haldir decided it was time to move a little higher. Slowly, he started to rub the soft towel up the lord's thighs, enjoying the feel of long muscle sliding under his hands. He smoothed the towel in slow circular movements up and down first one leg then the other, being scrupulously careful to avoid the groin area before lifting the right foot and slowly, wetly, licking along the line of the instep. He sat back on his heels and looked up at Elrond, an impish grin on his face, his hand caressing the foot gently.

"Ah, rosemary, my lord." he purred. "An excellent choice."

Elrond knew, somewhere in the back of his head, that if he did nothing to stop this now, there would be no other chance. More clearly he knew he had no wish to stop what Haldir was doing to him or what Haldir was planning to do to him after this. He had been alone for a very long time and the feeling of that slick muscle sliding across his instep was quite simply glorious...Haldir liked rosemary oil? Thank Elbereth, that he’d been inspired to add it to his usual lavender.

Haldir now turned his attention to the toes, and proceeded to lick each one slowly and sensually, running his teeth lightly against the nails, and sucking gently at the very tips, hinting, just hinting, as to the possibilities. Elrond groaned helplessly as each toe in turn was encased in silky warmth again and again. Haldir was sucking, twirling his tongue, and nipping almost playfully, his free hand resting lightly on the back of one of Elrond’s thighs to help him balance. Elrond, eyes closed, losing himself in the sensation, found himself imagining what that mouth might feel like on his rising member.

His toes were suddenly released and the hot, oh so clever mouth moved up to his ankle, licking circles on the soft inner skin before biting the bone sharply enough to make him draw in his breath with a sharp hissing sound.

Haldir smirked, watching the calm, dignified Lord of Imladris coming undone at his fingertips, and proceeded to draw an invisible line up to Elrond's knee with the tip of his tongue, where he swiftly discovered a weak spot, a highly responsive area just to the inner side, in the crease where the leg jointed.

He focused his attention on this spot, sucking hard, to mark, tracing intricate patterns with his tongue, nibbling softly, while the fingers of the hand supporting Elrond’s thigh began to slowly set a rhythm of squeeze, release, squeeze, release, a pulse almost exactly matching the throbbing between his thighs which was becoming more and more pronounced.

Elrond felt his legs go weak and reached out to support himself against the counter as Haldir continued his highly successful seduction.

Haldir immediately withdrew his attentions and leaned back slightly, to look up with a frown and in a cool voice say, "I think I told you to keep still, my lord."

Elrond opened his mouth to reply, but could find no words in the face of Haldir, surveying him from under his long lashes.

"Are you planning on cooperating, my lord?" Haldir asked quietly, "Or will I be forced to take a slightly firmer hand with you?"

"What do you mean by 'a firmer hand’?" Elrond asked in an equally soft voice.

Haldir let out an amused chuckle and looked into the famous storm grey eyes. "A firmer hand can mean many things, my lord. How do you think I might interpret it?”

"Haldir, are you threatening me?" Elrond asked, trying to keep his voice even, which was difficult as his breathing by now was somewhat ragged.

"Why would I dare threaten the Lord of Imladris?" Haldir asked innocently, his expression anything but.

'Probably because you know you can.' Elrond thought, though he was careful to keep his face as expressionless as possible,

This was suddenly made extremely difficult by Haldir's next action, which was to nip his hipbone sharply, causing Elrond to quiver under his touch. He then began to rub his cheek and the corner of his mouth up and down the bone, moving from groin to waist and back again, while studying intently that fully erect part of Elrond’s anatomy which he was being ever so very careful to avoid touching, even though each breath brushed over it with the hint of fire.

This poor sufferer was by now standing to attention, a clear drop of pre-cum on the flushed head. Haldir smiled, a slow furling of the lips, nodded slightly to himself and without warning drew back and rose to his feet in one graceful motion, the smile still on his lips, the almost forgotten towel in his hands and said "But my lord, I fear that in my attempts to amuse us both I have been negligent and you are not yet completely dry."

Elrond's jaw almost dropped to the floor. Seduction games were all very well and good, and Haldir was proving to be a master, but this was too much. Letting out a low growl he reached out to Haldir intent on a kiss.

Eyes sparkling with amusement, Haldir evaded him with ease, catching his arm and swinging him around to face the counter he had been leaning against and saying "First things first, my lord. Your back requires a little attention,"

He worked slowly, rubbing the towel in light, even circles over the finely muscled back, starting at the spine and working his way out and down. He followed every sweep of the towel with a rain of butterfly kisses, rubbing his cheek softly against the warm skin, paying special attention to the small of Elrond's back and the soft skin at his waist which he caressed gently with his tongue, followed by soft, sucking kisses, causing Elrond to gasp and then purr with pleasure.

He continued to dry carefully, paying particular attention to the line where the perfect ass met the top of the thigh, being sure to finish his efforts there with soft, quick kisses followed by a series of broad, lingering licks before gently separating the cheeks and drying in the cleft, which he then moved on from, despite Elrond’s murmur of displeasure, so that he could run his tongue evenly up the length of his spine moving the long mane of hair out of his way as he did so and then, without warning, grasping Elrond by the shoulder and leaning forward to bite the nape of his neck - hard.

Elrond jumped and cried out when the teeth sank into his neck, hard enough to draw blood and to mark but not hard enough to cause permanent damage. The pain shot down and through his body in a direct line to the uncomfortable hardness at his groin, causing it to jerk also. Suddenly it was getting harder to breathe. He felt Haldir lean in close, their bodies touching lightly in a line from shoulder to buttock, and felt him suck firmly at the spot from which blood was no doubt welling to the surface.

Haldir detached himself from Elrond’s back, turning him around with light pressure of the hand on his shoulder, and Elrond stared at him wide eyed, watching him lick his lips as though savoring the taste of blood on his mouth.

"That, so to speak, was my firm hand, my lord,” Haldir said. “In future, perhaps you will remember and take me seriously when I tell you to keep still.”

Then he slid a hand to the back of Elrond’s head, moved closer and ran his lips down the long neck, nuzzled the hollow of his throat, dipping his tongue into the depression there, and then carefully, because this, to him, was deeply important, moved back up, planting a line of soft kisses, brushed his lips over the jaw line, the chin, and then rested them softly against the rich, full, utterly desirable mouth.

He cupped Elrond’s cheek with his other hand and moved back slightly so that they could make eye contact. “May I?” he whispered.

Elrond nodded, speechless with desire, and Haldir leaned in and possessed his mouth in a kiss of totally unexpected tenderness, parting his lips gently, entering his mouth and tasting deeply and thoroughly, caressing his tongue, tracing the sensitive line of the roof of the mouth, all the while softly stroking his cheek.

Finally he ended the kiss and stepped back slowly, releasing Elrond. They stood for a minute facing one another, breathing heavily, and watching each other’s eyes.

"Now let us continue,” Haldir said quietly, bringing his breathing back under control. “Remember, my lord, you must keep still for me." he reminded him. "No matter how difficult you may find it to do so. I have no wish to punish you further."

Elrond raised his trademark eyebrow as if daring the March warden to assault him again but said nothing. It was taking all his willpower to keep from collapsing onto the floor at Haldir’s feet, especially after that heart stopping kiss, but he wasn't about to let Haldir know that.

Haldir continued his nonsense with the towel, drying first one arm then the other, first along the outer then the inner arm, then under the armpits, pressing and squeezing, digging his fingers uncomfortably into that sensitive area as he did so, making Elrond gasp.

Haldir distracted him by beginning to nip the soft underside of his forearm. With every nip he placed on Elrond's skin, he soothed it away with a gentle lick and a ghost of a breeze of warm breath over the still moist skin. Elrond resisted the urge to pull away from the strange but wonderfully arousing sensation.

When he reached the smooth skin on the inside of the upper arm, the nips changed to sharp, sucking bites which left soft red marks on the clear skin, and then when he reached the armpit with the short, soft, unelvish hair he worked his teeth across in a series of light, licking bites that had Elrond shuddering with desire though he somehow managed to keep just sufficient control to stay still as instructed. After which, in a completely unhurried manner, Haldir repeated all this with the other arm.

Returning to the hollow at the base of his throat, Haldir bent to lick a straight line down Elrond's chest, one hand resting lightly on the elf lord’s hip for balance, stopping at his navel. His tongue encircled it and his lips rested momentarily against the trembling flesh. Dipping into the indent, he lavished all his attention on it until Elrond’s legs would barely support him.

Then to his relief and disappointment, Haldir retreated, licking his way back up the sleek chest where, upon reaching his next target, he latched onto one of the plump, erect nipples begging for his attention. For long moments he nuzzled quite gently, as though sampling, and then Elrond was unable to hold back a loud, needful moan as Haldir gently bit.

For the next few minutes Elrond almost forgot to breathe as Haldir proceeded to play with his latest discoveries, moving from left to right, sucking, biting, twisting with expert fingers, drawing into his mouth and pressing the by now totally engorged flesh against teeth, sending shooting pleasure-filled pain in a direct line to the agony that was his cock.

Haldir pulled away, looking down. "I have a feeling that something may be looking for attention. Don't you?"

After all Haldir's teasing, Elrond's cock was now rock-hard and weeping pre-cum. The head was engorged and drops gathered at the slit. Haldir reached down and just touched the swollen head with the tip of his finger, gathering the moisture.

Bringing the finger up, he carefully coated one aching nipple, then bent forward and sucked, sinking his teeth into the surrounding flesh and swirling his tongue back and forth, hard enough to make Elrond cry out something that sounded suspiciously like ”Please."

Finally, after running his hands roughly up and down Elrond’s sides, Haldir released his hold and stepped back, panting, to survey the beautiful, long desired image before him. Elrond stood braced against the counter, legs spread, head thrown back, eyes closed, soft, red lips parted and his erection demanding relief.

”My lord" Haldir said very quietly, reaching a hand out to him. “Do you not think this would be better continued in the bedroom?”

Opening his beautiful gray eyes, Elrond looked searchingly into the lust-darkened blue of Haldir's and eventually, pushing himself away from the counter, managed to answer. "Yes, I believe it would."


Part 3