Even Quicker Than Doubt

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'Even Quicker Than Doubt'



Even Quicker than Doubt
Pairing: Gil-galad/Glorfindel, Elrond/Erestor, Rating: R
Summary: Set in the weeks before Elros departs for Númenor, Doubt explores the reason the twins chose different paths, Elrond’s emotional coming of age, the evolving relationship between Gil-galad and Glorfindel, and the reborn Elf’s adjustment to his new life in Second Age Lindon.


1. A new beginning.
2. Gil-galad's interest is piqued.
3. Elrond decides to be helpful..
4. Dinner and a walk.
5. Something new.
6. Possibilities and assumptions.
Memories and responsibilities.
8. Putting things to the test.
Past experiences, future expectations.
10. The will of the Valar.
11. Questions - and answers?
12. Decisions in the dark.
13. Confidences after dark.
14. New directions.
15. The road to the future.
16. Gil-galad learns too much.
17. A time for all things.
18. Elwing's Shadow
The road to Forlond.
20. Unexpected offers.
The faces of love.
22. The leaving
23. Choices
24. The end of the beginning
25. Epilogue